LED Wellness Lighting
Heal Faster and Kill Bacteria
Wound Care Scar
Wound Care Scar Relief
Multi Color Healing Light
Wound Care For Hand
Day 27 Wound Care

72 Year Old Women Healed In Only 8 Weeks. No Infection, No Inflammation, Minimal Scarring. Walked 2-3 miles on beach in 3 months.

NeuGuard Device

Speeds Healing, Stops Infection, Kills Bacteria Relieves Pain, Acne Relief,

Young man with terrible hand wound from mandolin. Doctor said 2 months to heal. The after picture is only 27 days out.

If We Could Make These In Pill Form They Would Be Called Miracle Lights
Unlock The Power Of Advanced LED Lighting
Struggling With Pain, Infection, Aging, Acne, Open Wounds and More Is NO FUN

Advanced LED Red Light Technology has been proven to be beneficial for many different kinds of ailments including; pain and inflammation in knees, hips, elbows, hands, feet, shoulders and more plus helps relieve pain from arthritis, bursitis, Achilles, plantar fasciitis, sprains, strains, muscular, tendinitis and more. Red light therapy has been used successfully by the Navy Seals, NASA, Naval Submariner’s and thousands more. Blue Light Kills A Wide Variety of Pathogenic Bacteria Including MRSA.

Red Light Anti Aging Therapy
Pain Relief 12 Red Lamp
Multi Color Healing Light
Blue Light Bacteria Killer
4 Conditions That Get Amazing Results From
Blue Light Treatment

Acne: Blue Light Treatment helps with mild to moderate acne conditions

Fever Blisters: Blue Light treatment stops cold sores in their tracks

Bacteria: Blue light kills a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria including MRSA, Staph and Strep

Anti-Aging: Blue Light helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Bacterial Disinfectant EMS Vehicle
120W Of Bacteria Killing Power Cleaning EMS Vehicle. Add This To Your Arsenal.
bathroom blue light
Bacteria Blue Deters Drug Use And Kills Bacteria
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Take It From NASA and the Navy Seals….

Turn On The Power Of Advanced LED Lighting Technology To Stay Healthy

Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Medical Bacteria Cleaning Products


Photo Means Light Bio Means Life

light is used to cause a change in living beings, both man and animal.

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Wound Care Scar
Wound Care Customer

Wound Care I am 72 year old and fell off a stool. I hit my knee cap and it came off the knee. The pain was terrible. After the surgery I put the red and blue light therapy wand on the scar on my leg. I used it several times per day. After 4 weeks…

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
Bursitis Treatment Customer

Bursitis Treatment I am a golfer and for a long time I could only raise my arms about half way up due to bursitis. Using the NeuGuard hand held Advanced LED Light Therapy tool I am now able to raise my arms above my head. I also use it for some arthritis in my knees…

Cold Sore Relief Customer

I have been getting cold sores, fever blisters or sun blisters for a long time. I get them on my lips and even in my nose sometimes. I personally hate them as they usually last at least 2 weeks. The red and blue therapy hand held light has been a blessing.…