Bacteria and Virus Disinfecting

Potable Bacteria Disinfecting Great for Firehouses, Daycare, Food Processing, Workout Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Bedrooms, Kids Rooms, Restaurants, Kitchens and more. 120W Of Bacteria Killing Power

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Turn On The Power Of Advanced LED Lighting Technology To Stay Healthy

Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Medical Bacteria Cleaning Products


Photo Means Light Bio Means Life

light is used to cause a change in living beings, both man and animal.

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Wound Care Scar
Wound Care Customer

Wound Care I am 72 year old and fell off a stool. I hit my knee cap and it came off the knee. The pain was terrible. After the surgery I put the red and blue light therapy wand on the scar on my leg. I used it several times per day. After 4 weeks…

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
Bursitis Treatment Customer

Bursitis Treatment I am a golfer and for a long time I could only raise my arms about half way up due to bursitis. Using the NeuGuard hand held Advanced LED Light Therapy tool I am now able to raise my arms above my head. I also use it for some arthritis in my knees…

Cold Sore Relief Customer

I have been getting cold sores, fever blisters or sun blisters for a long time. I get them on my lips and even in my nose sometimes. I personally hate them as they usually last at least 2 weeks. The red and blue therapy hand held light has been a blessing.…