All You Need Is Light!
Research Shows That Blue Light Deactivates A Wide Variety Of
Bacteria And Viruses That Cause People And Animals To Get Sick.

Your Blue Lights SAVED My Cat Business”

“Let me tell you this…six months ago every single kitten would have ringworm by six weeks of age….it was terribly discouraging. We used baths and dips and salves and pills and nothing worked. The blue lights cleaned up the cattery. No More ringworm! No more upper respiratory illnesses! Every single pet store should have these. Every single kennel should have these. You saved my business. Seriously." Cat Nancy Cat Breeder Arkansas

Tired of getting Colds, Flu and Now Covid?

Research Shows Blue Light Kills A Wide Variety of Bacteria Including
MRSA, Staph, Strep, and now even Covid. Animal testing shows it deactivates, ringworm, kennel cough and more.

Fire Departments, Dentist, Doctors Offices, Medical Buildings, Food Packaging, Schools, Businesses And More Are Using Blue Light To Keep Everyone Healthy.

Stay Healthy...Turn On The Blue

Take It From NASA and the Navy Seals….

Turn On The Power Of Advanced LED Lighting Technology To Stay Healthy

Industrial, Commercial and Home Applications. Keep Bacteria and Virus FREE Stay Healthy

Check Out The Different Ways Our Lights Can Help You. Home Use: kills MRSA, Staph, Strep, Mold and more. Personal: sprains, strains, speed healing, tennis elbow, cold sores, acne, strep throat and many more. Commercial: Kills Salmonella, Listeria, Mold.

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Blue Light Kills MRSA

Safe and Effective

UVC Kills 99% of Viruses


Wound Care Scar
Wound Care Customer

Wound Care I am 72 year old and fell off a stool. I hit my knee cap and it came off the knee. The pain was terrible. After the surgery I put the red and blue light therapy wand on the scar on my leg. I used it several times per day. After 4 weeks…

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
Bursitis Treatment Customer

Bursitis Treatment I am a golfer and for a long time I could only raise my arms about half way up due to bursitis. Using the NeuGuard hand held Advanced LED Light Therapy tool I am now able to raise my arms above my head. I also use it for some arthritis in my knees…

Cold Sore Relief Customer

I have been getting cold sores, fever blisters or sun blisters for a long time. I get them on my lips and even in my nose sometimes. I personally hate them as they usually last at least 2 weeks. The red and blue therapy hand held light has been a blessing.…