Horse Vet Treats Gash on Horse Leg

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Horse Vet Treats Gash on Horse Leg

Wound Care For Animals

This unit works for people and animals. This Horse vet has used the hand held lightfor many different ailments. This picture shows a gash in a horses leg. The LED blue and red light helped keeping the leg from getting infected and increased the healing rate by weeks. He has also used it to kill ringworm and other problems you find with horses.

Red and Blue Light Animal Therapy
Equine and Animal Red and Blue Light Therapy











Not only can the light treat horses it works great for cats and dogs that are in pain or have wounds or scratches. We have even found it works to get rid of ringworm.

Kennel Cough A Problem? Check Out Our LED Tubes With Our Bacteria Killing Lights

A large kennel in Jacksonville, Florida had a problem in their kennel with Kennel Cough. This kennel brings in dogs and distributes them to veterans. Some of the dogs coming in have Kennel Cough. We have used our LED Tube lights with our blue lights inside and the Kennel Cough has gone away.

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