Wound Care

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Wound Care

Wound Care: Hand wound with mandolin. This wound was terrible and you could see the tendons in the wound. There was no way to stitch this wound so it was cauterized to begin with and the patient was told it would take 2 months to heal. Using our Blue and Red light hand held tool this would healed in only 27 days. The blue light was used to control any infection and the red light was used to speed up the healing process.


LED Bacterial Killing and Speed Healing Hand Held WAND

Young Man with severe injury to his hand that was caused when using a Mandoline slicing machine in his kitchen. Accident occurred on November 18,2017. Emergency Room care cleaned and bandaged the wound but given nature of the wound, no stitches could be used. Wand treatment was started on 11/20/17. The wand was only treatment used. Treatment was once a day for 15 minutes. Series of pictures from Day 1 to Day 20 are included. Treatment continues with no infection noted.

INJURY DAY 1 (11/18/17)

TREATMENT DAY 3 (11/20/17)

DAY 4 (11/21/17)

DAY 10 (11/27/17

DAY 15 (12/2/17)

DAY 1 wand treatment

DAY 16 (12/3/17)

Day 18 (12/5/17)

Day 27

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