The Future LED Lights Kill Bacteria And Mold

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The Future LED Lights Kill Bacteria And Mold

Disinfecting LED Lighting


Are Safe LED Lights The Future To Protecting Us From Mold And Pathogenic Bacteria

We have been in the LED lighting business for over 10 years. When we first started you could find some LED lights in Lowes and Home Depot stores. Today it is hard to find the old incandescent lights on the shelf. New LED lights do not flicker and cause headaches in commercial and industrial applications. LED lights are brighter which creates a much more pleasant workplace and classroom. What was acceptable 10 years ago is not today.

LED Lights Attack Disease and Mold

People have always faced existential threats that can affect the quality of our lives. Many new advances using LED technology are happening that will help reduce our personal and environmental risk. Today we are using LED lighting to attack some of the less visible dangers like disease causing pathogens in the food chain and our areas of work and play and in places where infections are spread within our communities.

Places You Thought Were Safe Are NOT

While we still accept certain risk as normal like going to hospitals, doctor’s offices, restaurants, schools and workplaces these are places that we are not entirely safe. These are places where we have accepted as being not safe and just hope we don’t breathe or eat something that will make us sick a few days later.

Today our expectations should be higher with new discoveries using Advanced LED lighting technology that have been proven to kill a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria and mold. Both of which are very harmful to human beings and animals.

Advanced LED Lighting Research

Much research has been done in the disinfection properties of  UV and non-UV lights in specific wavelengths that will help protect us from threats we knew existed but accepted as  unavoidable.

We have taken the first step forward in offering new Advanced LED lighting products that can protect us from these threats. We now have small hand held blue and red light wands that can kill a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria and increase healing at the same time. Our success stories are increasing daily; from speed healing of knee surgeries, terrible wounds that should have taken months to heal but healed in half the time to killing MRSA.

New Products Kill Bacteria and Mold

We have new LED lights that kill mold and with the amount of hurricanes and storms we have had in the last few years there is a huge need for anything that can help kill the after effects of these natural disasters.

Area Lights And Blue Light

White LED lighting is now becoming the norm for most new building etc. but we have new LED tubes that have area lighting and disinfecting properties built in that one day will be the norm for doctors’ offices, gyms, showers, daycares and more. The future of LED Wellness lighting is here and we are happy to be on the forefront.

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