Animal Pain

Animal Guard

The ULTIMATE Tool For Keeping Your Animals Healthy

Research Has Shown That Specific Blue and Red Light Can Kill Bacteria, Speed Up Healing and relieve pain

Kills Bacteria, Helps Heal Wounds Faster and Relieves Pain

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Jerry Neumann
Cincinnati, Ohio

Our Animal Guard Is The Perfect Health Tool For Animal Owners and Veterinarians

  1. Easy to use hand held unit that is light and portable.
  2. Works in both Human and Animal applications.
  3. Advanced LED Lighting Technology that works great for killing pathogenic bacteria, speeds up healing, relieves joint pain, muscle soreness, osteoarthritis, rashes, infections , inflammation and more.
  4. Lighting device can be rotated 290 degrees for many different applications.
  5. Unit comes with Lithium Rechargeable Battery and 5000mw of power
  6. Built with 360 Degree Hooks with two strong magnets for ease of use.
  7. Bright Red and Blue LED healing lights on top to focus on specific spots
  8. Custom combination of High Power Blue And Red Light Technology that not only KILLS Bacteria but speeds healing and relieves animal pain and more.
  9. Works on many different types of animals including; dogs, cats, equine, cows, pigs, zoo animals and more.
  10. Red and Blue Light Therapy has been studied many times and has shown that horses treated with the Red Light therapy have experienced significant improvement in tissue healing and no bacterial infection when the blue light therapy has accompanied the red light therapy.

The Animal Guard Is Not Harmful To Animals Or Humans

Animal Applications:

Dogs and Cats:
ACL/CCI Tears, Arthritis, Hip Displaysia, Anxiety, Luxating Patella, Itchy Skin, Back Soreness, Wound care, surgery recovery and more.

Acute Injuries, Colic, Tendonitis, Viral Infections, Navicular, Colic, Ringworm, allergies, joint pain and more.

How To Use:
Use the “AnimalGuard” wand on any part of the body for 5-10 minutes three times per day. Keep it 3″ to 18″ from the body. Please use eye protection when using near your face to protect your eyes from the bright light.

What is Red and Blue Light Therapy?

Red and Blue Light Therapy are sometimes called LLLT or Low Level Light Therapy. This type of alternative Advanced LED Lighting Technology has been studied for years. This type of Therapy has been used for many years by veterinarians and dermatologist successfully for many different applications. Veterinarians use it to treat many different kinds of animals including dogs, cats, horses and more for a myriad of different conditions.

Recent research has proved that LLLT using LED’s works just as well as the more expensive Low Level Laser Treatment. Just like with human studies that have been done Advanced LED Light Therapy can be useful for many different animal conditions such as common skin issues, acute and chronic pain. Any type of skin wounds in animals can be treated with the light. The BlueGuard not only helps increase the speed of healing it keeps the wounds from getting infected.

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Everyone Should Have One On Hand For Every Day Use Around The House Or Farm

The Technical View

Red and infrared light at specific nanometers have the ability to penetrate your pet’s tissue, muscles, tendons and even the bone. This helps to increase blood circulation thus promoting and increasing the healing process. Red light stimulates collagen production by stimulating (ATP) or Adenosine Triphosphate. ATP they interacts with the mitochondria in cells to stimulate oxidative metabolism…that means it converts oxygen and carbohydrates to energy. Bottom line is the red light has the ability to bump up the energy in the bodies cells making them perform their functions at a faster pace. Same thing with the Blue light…According to a new proof-of-principle study, blue light can selectively eliminate infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. According to lead researcher Michael R. Hamblin of the Massachusetts General Hospital: Blue Light Therapy is the infection killer red light is the speed healer.

Blue light inactivation of S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and other bacteria

By using a custom super luminous diode light source, Enwemeka et al (Enwemeka et al., 2008)investigated the effect of blue light on two strains of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA): USA 300 strain of community-acquired MRSA and IS853 strain of hospital-acquired MRSAMaximum eradication of the USA-300 (92.1%) and the IS-853 colonies (93.5%) was achieved within 9.2 and 8.4 min of irradiation, respectively.
Red Light Therapy….Through emitting red, low-light wavelengths through the skin, red light therapy helps naturally jump-start the process of tissue recovery and other forms of rejuvenation through increased blood flow, collagen stimulation and more. 2010 marked the 50th anniversary of treatments like red light therapy, providing a host of evidence on their benefits. Reference

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Replace your existing fluorescent tubes with our Special All In One White and Blue Tube.

This provides white area light and blue bacteria killing light at the same time.