Kennel Cough Treatment

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Bacteria Blue LED Lights Works Wonders For Kennels

Dogs Infected With Kennel Cough Are Getting Better 93% Faster Under Our Bacteria Blue LED Light Tubes

Kennel Cough Treatment Tubes

Bacteria Blue LED Lighting Tubes Disinfect Kennel Area Of Kennel Cough

For years we have known that certain colors in the visible light spectrum had a huge impact on disinfecting a wide variety of bacteria including, MRSA, Staph, Strep and more. What we have found recently in a study with a well known Kennel is that this specific spectrum is also disinfecting kennel cough. If you are tired of Kennel Cough we have the answer to keeping your animals healthy.This Kennel Cough Treatment is NOT UV and is SAFE for both humans and animals.

 Stop Kennel Cough In It’s Tracks

Bacteria Blue LED Lights Kill Kennel Cough

A Safe And Effective Kennel Cough Treatment

Knowing that our Bacteria Blue LED Lights disinfect a wide variety of bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep and C.diff we had the K9 For Troops  give them a try at their Facility. After 6 months of testing the results are in.

Rescue Dogs With Kennel Cough

New Rescue Dogs that come in with Kennel cough and get placed in a quarantine area. They installed our Bacteria Blue LED Lights overhead replacing their existing (2) fluorescent tubes with our Bacteria Blue LED Tube.

93% Faster Results

The results were that these dogs in this this area returned to normal activities 93% faster than other dogs not in this area. They even weened the dogs off the antibiotics and found that the lights had the same results.

Blue Light Calms Down The Dogs

Not only did the Kennel Cough go away faster but the animals calmed down noticeably to the point that they can’t wait to have the Bacteria Blue Lights over all the Kennels.

Dogs Heal Faster Under The Bacteria Blue Lights

Another noticeable result was the dogs that had wounds on them healed faster.

LED Bacteria Blue Tube Lights are easy to install. They are 120v-277V and Ballast Compatible. 48″ Tubes with our proprietary bacteria disinfecting recipe. They come in quantities of 4-8-12 and 25 in a case

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 Bacteria Blue LED Disinfecting Lights

These LED lights have a special combination of several different color lights that safely attack a wide variety of bacteria. Including the worst kind…even MRSA and it totally disinfects it onsite.

Hand Held Units Disinfect and Speed Healing

This kennel is also using our Hand Held Bacterial Blue And Red Hand Held unit to treat there animals wounds, arthritis, tears, ringworm and more.  This safe Red and Blue Light Therapy works on all kinds of animals.

Calm Your Animals Down

Not only will our Bacteria Blue lights disinfect the surface and airborne bacteria in the kennel but the other positive benefit for the animals is they are a lot more calmer which helps them heal faster. This kennel is installing our bacteria blue lights in all other kennels to disinfect any bacteria and help calm th animals down.

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       What is Red and Blue Light Therapy?

Red and Blue Light Therapy are sometimes called LLLT or Low Level Light Therapy.

This type of alternative Advanced LED Lighting Technology has been studied for years. This type of Therapy has been used for many years by veterinarians and dermatologist successfully for many different applications. Veterinarians use it to treat many different kinds of animals including dogs, cats, horses and more for a myriad of different conditions.

Just like with human studies that have been done Advanced LED Light Therapy can be useful for many different animal conditions such as common skin issues, acute and chronic pain. Any type of skin wounds in animals can be treated with the light. The Bacteria Guard not only helps increase the speed of healing it keeps the wounds from getting infected.

LED Lights Last 50,000 Hours NOT 1 Year Like the UV lights.

Bacterial Disinfectant EMS Vehicle

High Power Bacterial Disinfectant
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Blue And Red Light Therapy

245.00$ 195.00$

The Perfect Health Tool For Animal Owners and VeterinariansEasy to use hand held unit that is light and portable.

Works in both Human and Animal applications.

  1. Custom LED Lighting Technology that works great for killing pathogenic bacteria, speeds up healing, relieves joint pain, muscle soreness, osteoarthritis, rashes, infections , inflammation and more.

  2. Lighting device can be rotated 290 degrees for many different applications.

  3. Unit comes with Lithium Rechargeable Battery and 5000mw of power

  4. Built with 360 Degree Hooks with two strong magnets for ease of use.

  5. Bright Red and Blue LED healing lights on top to focus on specific spots

  6. Custom combination of High Power Blue And Red Light Technology that not only KILLS Bacteria but speeds healing and relieves pain and more.

  7. Works on many different types of animals including; dogs, cats, equine, cows, pigs, zoo animals and more.

  8. Red and Blue Light Therapy has been studied many times and has shown that horses treated with the Red Light therapy have experienced significant improvement in tissue healing and no bacterial infection when the blue light therapy has accompanied the red light therapy.

Animal Guard  uses a special combination of blue and red light not in the UV range and not harmful to animals or humans and when custom mixed  creates a special blend of bacteria killing, wound healing, pain killing and more light that can treat of myriad of animal health conditions.

AnimalGuard Provides loving pet owners an effective alternative way to care for their animals that is less costly than medications and/or painful surgeries

AnimalGuard The facts are Dogs are one of the most well studied animals using LLLT light therapy.

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120W Bacteria Blue Portable Unit

Porta Blue 120W Of Bacteria Disinfecting Power

A Total Safe Surface and Airborne Disinfecting Solution…NOT UV

Some of the worst areas of contamination are surgical rooms, quarantined areas, grooming tables, waiting rooms and exam rooms. Using Standard Operating Procedures  for cleaning with spray disinfectants sometimes allows for missing some areas and could allow for harmful bacteria germs to be left behind.

Our High Power 120W of bacteria blue disinfecting Porta Blue works great for cleaning all types of areas. The unit comes with hooks for hanging the unit or you can set it on its Tri Pod and have it disinfect an entire area.

120W Of Safe Bacteria Blue Disinfecting Power

Set it up, turn it on and walk away. Use it during the day or turn it on at night. It works great for Treatments Rooms, Surgical Areas, Exam Rooms, and Quarantine Rooms, Grooming Tables, Waiting Rooms and more. The usual method of wiping down surfaces allows for missing surfaces and may leave behind harmful bacteria. Turn this Safe and Effective Cleaning Machine On and walk away. It can work 24/7.

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What Is Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is a highly contagious respiratory disease. Dogs commonly contract kennel cough at places where large amounts of canines congregate, such as boarding and daycare facilities, dog parks, training groups, and dog shows.

Stop It Now By Using One Of Our Bacteria Blue Disinfecting Products