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Safely Kill Mold And Bacteria Without UV But With Our Advanced LED Low Level Lighting Products

The power of blue light in specific nanometers kills a large variety of harmful pathogenic bacteria including MRSA, Staph, Strep, Listeria, and Salmonella PLUS Kills Wide Variety of MOLD

Blue LED Light Is Safe For Humans and Animals

While it has been known for some time that UV light is effective in killing many kinds of pathogens, it is also harmful to humans in any exposure of duration.However, in recent clinical and microbiological studies it has been shown that the 405nm light wavelength, which is not harmful to humans, and which can operate continuously, is effective against many pathogens, including mold, fungus, bacteria and even MRSA.

In an article in Letters in Applied Microbiology, it explains the mold killing mechanism: “Concentration-dependent inhibition of spore germination by delta-aminolevulinic acid and accumulation of singlet oxygen in the spores was observed when the spores were exposed to 405nm light.” Thus, constant illumination of 405nm light in rooms effectively kills airborne and surface mold spores.

Contractors, builders, property owners and designers should consider 405nm blue illumination LED lights that offer these ongoing disinfecting properties. They will provide better health, safety and air quality in these at-risk areas. They can also help prevent re-contamination as a part of an overarching strategy of mold prevention, which would include controlling humidity levels and eliminating any obvious sources that would offer spores another chance to colonize. And that includes putting those moldy rags in the sink right in the white cycle with bleach.

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Mold And Remediation Applications

  1. Mold and Remediation Industry. Tubes and tube fixtures, hand held LED tool, par lights, cob lights, high power UFO lights and many more
  2. Hand held unit for people in medical and mold remediation industry. Kills bacteria on clothes in homes, in ambulances, in police cars etc etc
  3. Bacteria fixture 24” tubes or cob lights for ambulances, cop cars, bathrooms etc
  4. Hand held high power unit for people with wounds and infections to kill bacteria..
  5. Hand held unit for cleaning crews for gyms, hospitals, day care anywhere there is bacteria or mold. Tube fixture 24” or 48” that can be installed on ceilings separate from other lamps but need power from one lamp. Turn on remotely wireless to turn on blue tube at night or when no one is in room….can be motion sensor tons of applications.
  6. Tube fixtures for mold industry. Mold blaster with high power blue light in tubes or flood light style fixtures
  7. Tube package for day care, hospitals. Day care, restaurants, gyms, bathrooms etc Fixtures with white and blue in them for anywhere there is bacteria and or mold. Restaurants, gyms, hospital
  8. Grow industry for vegetables and Cannabis industry uses lots of HPS and metal halide and they have mold issues on plants.
  9. Animal industry. Kill bacteria in dairy industry and others that have bacteria issues
LED Wellness Lighting is coming up with different applications and products daily that can improve our lifestyle and keep us healthy.
Have a problem with mold or bacteria give us a call and let one of our Wellness Lighting Experts help you find a way to resolve this using one of our safe and effective LED light products.

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