Wrinkle Reduction Using LED Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Reduces Wrinkles Promotes Anti-Aging

Red lights at a specific nanometer affects the energy production in all cells of our body. The use of Red Light Therapy on the skin is most effective. Red Light promotes wrinkle reduction and also promotes faster healing. 

Wrinkle Reduction
Removing crows feet

Why Do We We Get Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging and are normal for most people. Some people get lucky and do not age like others but there is an answer to why we all get some wrinkles as we age.

UV Light Exposure-You will see people who are out in the sun a lot seem to develop more wrinkles that people who stay away from sun exposure. White the sun is good for providing vitamin D it also can be very damaging to the skin and cause DNA damage to your skin and do damage to your collagen production. Red light skin therapy help produce collagen to replace what is lost. 

Cold Weather-If you line in a colder climate you are susceptible to having more wrinkles. This is due to the air being so dry with no moisture to help your skin. In the winters you can see the formation of wrinkles on your face more than the summer.

Diet-diets high in polyunsaturated oils greatly increase the rate of wrinkle formation, while saturated fats are protective

Lifestyle-If you smoke, drink use a lot of cosmetics with toxic ingredients and eat poorly you have a great chance of having more wrinkles than most. 

Red Light Anti Aging Therapy
Red Light Anti Aging Therapy

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

 LED Red Light Therapy use ranges of wavelengths that penetrate the outer layer of the skin, providing the cells with usable energy. This brings about various reactions in the cells including improved healing, the reduction of inflammation and enhanced production of collagen.

Red light therapy is actually a true science with many years of research behind it. Don’t expect it to work overnight. It took time for your wrinkles to form and it will take time for them to improve. 

You can use the Red Light Therapy once or twice a day for several weeks or until you can see improvement. After that you can go on a 2-3 times per week maintenance program to maintain. 

How Does Red Light Speed Healing ?

LED Red Light in the 620nm to 680nm range, when applied to wounds and cuts can speed up healing and reduces the likelihood of a scar.

Wound Care Scar
First week scar picture
Wound Care Scar Relief
Wound Care Scar Heal
  • Red light floods the skin cells with ATP (energy), leading to cell proliferation, better survival/regeneration and tissue repair.
  • Red light photo dissociates nitric oxide from mitochondria which helps improve blood flow to the area and provide the resources (glucose, etc.) for healthy repair.
  • Red light reduces inflammation in the area it is applied. Inflammation being a significant inhibitor of healthy repair.
  • Red light improves surface tension in cells and helps to prevent mitochondrial enzymes from leaking out into the cytoplasm, thereby protecting the cell’s energy metabolism.
Wound Healing
Wound Control