Athletic Training

Sore Muscles, Strains, Tears, Pulls our LED Red and Blue Light Therapy can help you come back faster.

Today from young to old a lot of people are very concerned about their health and are working out in gyms, running in races, working out at home or just plain walking.

Most younger parents spend weekends carting their kids around from one soccer game to the next to baseball games to lacrosse matches and more.

With this comes pulled muscles, strains, tears, cuts, bruised and you name it. Our LED Red and Blue Light Therapy hand held unit is perfect to have on hand to help speed recovery so they can get back on the filed and to make sure infections do not occur that lead to other terrible problems such as MRSA.

We met a parent of a young teenage male who got MRSA from a rowing blister on his leg. He almost lost his leg. He did not use our hand held unit but wished they had it when the blister and scab formed and got infected.
Wound on hand
Wound on hand
The blue light will top the infection before it gets a chance to get started and the red light will help you get back on the field faster.

Order Now…Every Active Family Should Have A Hand Held Unit On Hand And Ready To Go