Cold Sores

Cold Sores

The Truth About Cold Sores

Cold Sore The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Them.

Don’t Ruin Two Weeks Of Your Life With A Nasty Cold Sore.  Stop Them FAST

Finally…the days of having a nasty, scabby, bleeding cold sore for weeks is over. New Advanced LED Light stops them in their tracks. Once you feel the tingling you put the light on it and the next day the pain and discomfort is gone. Keep putting the light on until it disappears which is usually within 2-3 days. Seriously that is it.

I Was Happy With A Pencil Dot Sore

If you are a little late with the light you may get a pencil dot sore but keep the light on it and it will attack and kill the bacteria and heal it fast.

I Hate Cold Sores

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“ Hello my name is Gary and I helped develop this light and have had to deal with these nasty cold sores my whole life. I live in Florida which makes it even worse because as you know a day in the sun can bring on another case of bleeding lips. I have used all the creams, sticks, expensive prescriptions on the market. I still take lysine every other day to keep them at bay. Not sure if that is working or not. What I do know is this.

 Get Rid Of Cold Sores, Canker Sores, Fever Blisters, Sun Blisters and more.

I have been in the LED lighting business for over 10 years. Two years ago we started working with using different color lights to do different things. I found that some blue lights in a particular nanometer killed bacteria and red light in a particular color speed healing and relieves pain. I have manufacturers overseas and had some lights made with specific blue colors and specific red colors. Putting these two together I tried using them on wounds and pain relief with great success. During that time I got the tingling on my lip and I said hey why not try it on the fever blister that was coming. I put the light on it 3 times the first day. When I got up the next day the tingling was gone. I kept putting the light on the sore area that next day and only got a little dot. I kept the light on and within 3 days it was gone. Since them I have had about 6 more sores starting and I instantly put the light on it as soon as I feel the tingle. Most cases it never does form into a blister. Several weeks ago I felt one in my nose starting. I did not have my light. I had to wait two days. Once home I got the light on it that day and within hours the pain subsided and the sores started to heal immediately”.

More Comments From Satisfied Users

Jerry: “I get cold sores about 5 times per year and I hate them. The thing is they always seem to come at the wrong time…holidays, meetings, anniversaries etc. This light is a miracle. Once I feel the sores I put the light right on it and within 2 days it’s gone”.

Joanne: “I have been getting cold sores all my life. They always seem to last several weeks. Ever since I got the light I can honestly say the sores only last a few days. It is amazing. I have no idea how a light can do this but it does.

Here Is The Best News

Not only is this light an awesome cold sore treatment it also work on canker sores, fever blisters, sun blisters, ringworm, wound care and a myriad of other issues to many to mention.

The Ultimate Home Health Care Tool

If You Hate Cold Sores Don’t Delay Order Our Neu-Guard Hand Held LED Light… Stop Them Before They Even Have A Chance To Get Started

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Cold Sore Relief
Cold Sores
Cold Sore Relief