Neck and back pain

Neck And Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain are two of the most common pains people deal with on a daily basis. Some of our customers are finding relief using our Red Therapy lights on their back and neck.

One gentlemen bought one of our Hand Held units to treat his gout and also used it for some back back coming from his shoes that did not fit right. He told us after two treatments his pain went away.

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
Rotator Cuff pain relief

We have had excellent results using this light for bursitis and arthritis including rotator cuff issues. This person could not lift his arms up above his head. Now he can lift them all the way up with little to no pain.

Backs are another story. These lights have worked for a lot of different kinds of back pain but not all.

The NeuGuard Hand Held Device is the Ultimate Home Health Care Tool for every family. Try it for your back if not you can use it for many other issues as they come along in life.