Shoulder and Rotator Pain

Here is a short testimonial on how our NeuGuard Red and Blue light therapy tool helped this person with his bursitis in his shoulder. He loves to play golf and before he started using the NeuGuard he could only lift his arms up half way now as you can see he can lift them up above his head. This big relief for him was the fact that he could now roll over in bed without waking up in serious pain. 

Our hand held unit is easy to use and works well with relieving pain from arthritis on the knee in the shoulder, on the hand and more.

Because of its ease of use the LED Hand Held unit works well with shoulder and back pain. This unit can be rotated 180 degrees making it very easy to hold and point to places on the back of your shoulders, legs or torso.

Crew Cleaner
Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
180 Degree Rotator Cuff Pain Relief
As you can see it is easy to use on the back, neck of shoulder. Put the light where the pain is.

The Hand Held works awesome for many applications.

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