Wound Care...

Remarkable Results…72 Year Old Women Injures Knee. Doctor said she healed like a 21 Year Old.

Now A SAFE and Effective Way To Keep Your Wound FREE From Infection and Speed Up the Healing Process

Wound Master….Speed Up Your Healing and Keep your wound from getting infected. Our Blue Light wavelength is proven to kill a wide range of Bacteria including the terrible MRSA, Staph and more. Our Red Light wavelength is proven to speed up healing. Don’t take my word for it…the Navy Seals use this Red wavelength to speed up healing after returning from action.

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More Proof….Young man slices hand open using a mandolin. Doctor said it would take 8 weeks for this wound to heal from the inside out. After only 27 days the results were amazing. Sorry about the graphic pictures.

The Blue light kept it from getting infected and the Red light helped speed up the healing process. 

Young Man with severe injury to his hand that was caused when using a Mandoline slicing machine in his kitchen. Accident occurred on November 18,2017. Emergency Room care cleaned and bandaged the wound but given nature of the wound, no stitches could be used. Wand treatment was started on 11/20/17. Treatment was once a day for 15 minutes. Treatment continues with no infection noted.

Stops Infection and Speeds Healing

Carpel Tunnel Surgery Success

Carpel Tunnel surgery before and after 7 days of using the Wound Master. You can see how fast the wound filled and and no infection issues. 

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Bonus Applications From Wound Master Light

Some people just like using the Red Light for speeding up healing and pain relief. Both have plenty of power to do both. The best part about these lights is they can be used for many different ailments. 

Husband See’s Excellent Results Using Neu Guard On Thin Skin Bruising

“Doing red light therapy on Dolores’s legs, which have large patches of blood under the skin from bumps and bruises that happen when skin is so thin. Put lotion on every night before bed, following 2 to 3 hours of light. She has had this problem for years and Right now they look the best they have in 10 years.

Jim A

Not ONLY Does This Light Work Well For Wound Care. Red and Blue Light Technology Can Be Used For Many Other Applications.

Works on Humans and Animals. What do You Have To Lose Purchase Now For ONLY $149. While Supplies Last

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Portable Hand Held Blue and Red Light Therapy Device. Safe for Humans And Animals

The Ultimate Home Health Care Device.

Bacteria is not going away. Today with all the issued with new viruses and bacteria this is the perfect tool to have on hand. LED Blue light technology is more for bacteria killing not virus. Will it work for Corona virus we are not sure. This is a brand new virus. We do know that UVC light does work to kill viruses but again we are not sure if it will kill the Corona virus.

Great for kids, soccer bruises, cuts and scrapes, weekend warrior parents and active grandparents who have pain. Advanced LED lighting therapy is being used daily around the country for a wide variety of ailments. The Navy Seals are using Red Light therapy to heal faster and quicker so they can get back in action. Pro Football players are using Red and Blue light therapy to heal faster to get back on the field. The results have been simply amazing.

Tired of the same old treatments for Acne? Our Blue Light Kills the bacteria and the red light speeds up healing. What are you waiting for….Turn on the Blue and start fighting those nasty pimples that make you feel terrible.

Don’t wait get your Red and Blue Light Therapy Light now…you won’t believe how many uses it will have around you house or school or team training facility.

Portable, 240 degree rotatable LED light.

Works great in any position. Back, Leg, arms, elbows you name it this can get to it with NO problem.

DC 12V chargeable 3-4 hours full charge.

Leave it on for 10-20 minutes a few times a day. Will need to be charged then every few days for optimum use

One Year Warranty…NO Question Asked.

High Intensity 5W Super Powerful.

Most others use very low wattage. We tried them and we have achieved a much better response with our 5W Unit. PLUS we have both Red And Blue light. Red works to heal faster and Blue kills the bacteria. As and example if you have acne doesn’t it make sense to kill the bacteria and they heal the wound? Example it makes sense if you have a wound to not only KILL and kind of bacteria while healing the wound at the same time.

Comes with a hanger or magnet.

Hang it in the closet or stick it on a metal wall for storage. We have you covered.

Speeds Up Healing

You won’t believe how fast this makes your wound heal. Get back out there fast. Speed up healing of sprains, tears, wounds…whatever faster so you won’t have to lay around thinking about it day after day.

Kills Wide Variety of Bacteria and Mold MRSA. Stapy, Strep and more



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Partial Clip from White Paper That Was Done By University


3.1.4. Blue light inactivation of S. aureusP. aeruginosa and other bacteria

By using a 405-nm superluminous diode light source, Enwemeka et al (Enwemeka et al., 2008) investigated the effect of blue light on two strains of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA): USA 300 strain of community-acquired MRSA and IS853 strain of hospital-acquired MRSA. Each strain was separately diluted to a cell count of 5×106 colony forming units (CFU)/mL in 0.9% normal saline. Then, the bacteria were volumetrically streaked onto round 35-mm petri plates with tryptic soy agar and exposed to blue light. The light aperture was placed at a standard distance of 1–2 mm perpendicularly above each open plate with the irradiance of 100 mW/cm2 at the lamp aperture. Maximum eradication of the USA-300 (92.1%) and the IS-853 colonies (93.5%) was achieved within 9.2 and 8.4 min of irradiation, respectively.

In another study carried out by the same group (Enwemeka et al., 2009), the authors reported the effect of a different wavelength of blue light (470 nm) on the same two strains of MRSA: USA 300 and IS-853. The irradiance at the lamp aperture was 30 mW/cm2 and the lamp was place at 1–2 mm perpendicularly above each open plate with bacterial culture. Both strains lost nearly 30% CFU with as little as 3 J/cm2 of light exposure. As much as 90.4% of the US-300 and the IS-853 colonies, respectively, were killed with an exposure of 55 J/cm2.

An in vitro study to evaluate the antimicrobial effect of 405 and 470 nm blue light on S. aureus and P. aeruginosa was carried out by Guffey et al (Guffey and Wilborn, 2006). Bacterial suspensions were firstly inoculated on agar plates and then the plates were irradiated with super luminous diode probes with peak emission at 405 or 470 nm. Irradiation was timed to yield 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 J/cm2 exposures with two agar plates for each light exposure. With 405-nm light, the maximum CFU reduction of 95.1% was achieved for P. aeruginosa at the light exposure of 10 J/cm2 and 87.9% for S. aureus at 15 J/cm2. With 470-nm light, the maximum CFU reduction of 96.5% was achieved for P. aeruginosa at the light exposure of 5 J/cm2 and 62.0% for S. aureus at 15 J/cm2. Interestingly, the authors reported lower CFU reductions at higher light exposures for P. aeruginosa at both 405 and 470 nm (e.g., at 470 nm, 96.5% CFU reduction at 5 J/cm2 but only 39.3% CFU reduction at 15 J/cm2), which were not observed in other studies. One possible reason might be the small number of replicates used in the study (only two plates for each light exposure) and large standard deviations were seen with the data.