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Speed Up The Healing Process With Our Red Light Healing Therapy

Young Man with severe injury to his hand that was caused when using a Mandoline slicing machine in his kitchen. Accident occurred on November 18,2017. Emergency Room care cleaned and bandaged the wound but given nature of the wound, no stitches could be used. Wand treatment was started on 11/20/17. Treatment was once a day for 15 minutes. Treatment continues with no infection noted.


Day 27 Wound Care

The doctors thought this should take 2 months to heal. After 27 days the wound was pretty much closed up.

Patient was extremely satisfied with the light and how it helped him speed up the healing process without infection

72 Year Old Women Falls And Has Terrible Knee Surgery

Scar and Wound Heal In Record Time

Wound Care After surgery. 72 Year old women with bad knee injury. After only 2 weeks the doctor could not believe how fast her knee was healing. He said she was healing like a 21 year old women.

Wound Care Treatments
After Surgery Wound Care Treatment
Wound Care Scar
First week scar picture
Wound Care Scar Relief
Wound Care Scar Heal

This is 8 weeks after surgery. The patient and the doctor were very pleased. This patient used both the hand held unit and our 20W high energy par light. 

Pain Relief Arthritis
Wound Care Pain relief and speedy recovery

The NeuGuard unit has both blue and red light in it to do both bacteria killing and would care healing. The blue light keeps your wounds from getting infected and the red light helps relieve pain and speed up healing. 

Some people just like using the Red Light for speeding up healing and pain relief. Both have plenty of power to do both. 

The best part about these lights is they can be used for many different ailments. 

Husband See’s Excellent Results Using NeuGuard On Thin Skin Bruising

"Doing red light therapy on Dolores’s legs, which have large patches of blood under the skin from bumps and bruises that happen when skin is so thin. Put lotion on every night before bed, following 2 to 3 hours of light. She has had this problem for years and Right now they look the best they have in 10 years.
Jim A
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