Blue Integrated Bacteria Killing Tubes
_Integrated Tube Blue
Bedrooms Sanitizer
Bedroom Bacteria Cleaning
Children’s Room Disinfection
Childrens Room Bacteria Killing
_Integrated Tube Blue
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Blue LED Bacteria Killing Tube Fixture 36″ 14W


Bedroom Sanitizer
Bedrooms Sanitizer

Keep Your Family and Workplace Safe With Blue Bacteria Killing Technology

LED Bacteria Killing Blue Light fixture that is 36″ long. A whopping 14w of Anti-germicidal bacteria killing power. This unit will light up a 20 x 20 room. Works on 120 VAC and comes with easy connectors to daisy chain several units together and clips to install on walls or ceiling. Applications can be ceiling of Emergency Vehicles, Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Cabs, Trains, Buses and more. This is a picture of the unit being used in a children’s bedroom. Turn it on when they are out of the room and let it clean up the bad bacteria. Will not harm humans or animals but best not to stare at light just like all other light fixtures.

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Bedroom Sanitizer
Bedrooms Sanitizer

Keep Your Family And Work Place Safe From Bacteria

This light is easy to install in all type so applications. EMS workers use them inside the ambulance to compliment there standard disinfecting procedures. Keep your family safe install them in your bedrooms and keep them free from bacteria.

In the ambulance the Installation was easy….They used clips and screws and mounted several of them together in the patient compartment to flood the area with Blue Anti-Germicidal lighting. They use this light when they get back to the department and plug into shore power. So while they wait for the next call the Blue Light kills the bacteria in the unit.

In the bedrooms they mounted on top of door frame and plugged into wall. When no one is there turn it on and start killing bacteria. You can keep it on as long as you want to continue killing bacteria.

Anti-Germicidal Bacteria Strips
Anti-Germicidal Bacteria Strips

Length: 36″

Wattage: 14W

Voltage: AC100-250V

Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Factor: 20.90

Color Temp: 405-470nm Anti-Germicidal

Warranty: 2 Years

Bacteria killing light spread out across room and disinfects the entire room. Turn on when no one is in the room and let it clean. This light is safe and affordable. You should not stare at the light and it works better if no one is in the room.



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