Red and Blue Light Therapy
Hand Held Red and Blue Light Therapy
hand held blue red light
Blue Red Light Therapy
Animal Red Light Therapy
Linda Leg
Stops Acne
Relieves Knee Pain
Relieve Tennis Elbow Pain
Knee Pain
Thin Skin Bruising
Wound Care
shoulder pain
toenail fungus
hand wound
Leg surgery
Pain and Wound Control
Wound on hand
knee wound
Cold Sore Relief
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Blue And Red Light Therapy

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Tired Of The Same Old Treatments for Pain Relief, Wrinkle Removers, Cold Sores, Wound Care, Bacteria Killing and more…Amazing New Advanced LED Light Is Doing Wonders.

Hundreds Of Research Articles and HANDS ON EXPERIENCE Prove that this works. Call It Holistic Call It What You Want…It Works.

The Navy Seals Use Red Light Therapy To Heal Faster

Portable Hand Held Blue and Red Light Therapy Device. Safe for Humans And Animals

The Ultimate Home Health Care Device.

Great for kids, soccer bruises, cuts and scrapes, weekend warrior parents and active grandparents who have pain. Advanced LED lighting therapy is being used daily around the country for a wide variety of ailments. The Navy Seals are using Red Light therapy to heal faster and quicker so they can get back in action. Pro Football players are using Red and Blue light therapy to heal faster to get back on the field. The results have been simply amazing.

Don’t wait get your Red and Blue Light Therapy Light now…you won’t believe how many uses it will have around you house or school or team training facility.

Portable, 240 degree rotatable LED light.

Works great in any position. Back, Leg, arms, elbows you name it this can get to it with NO problem.

DC 12V chargeable 3-4 hours full charge.

Leave it on for 10-20 minutes a few times a day. Will need to be charges then every few days for optimum use

One Year Warranty…NO Question Asked.

High Intensity 5W Super Powerful.

Most others use very low wattage. We tried them and we have achieved a much better response with our 5W Unit. PLUS we have both Red And Blue light. Red works to heal faster and Blue kills the bacteria. As and example if you have acne doesn’t it make sense to kill the bacteria and they heal the wound? Example it makes sense if you have a wound to not only KILL and kind of bacteria while healing the wound at the same time.

Comes with a hanger or magnet.

Hang it in the closet or stick it on a metal wall for storage. We have you covered.

Speeds Up Healing

You won’t believe how fast this makes your wound heal. Get back out there fast. Speed up healing of sprains, tears, wounds…whatever faster so you won’t have to lay around thinking about it day after day.

Kills Wide Variety of Bacteria and Mold MRSA. Stapy, Strep and more






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Red and Blue Light Therapy
Hand Held Red and Blue Light Therapy


Hand Held Blue Light Therapy works great for killing pathogenic bacteria, viruses and improving the healing and mending process. Also works treatment of Acne, Cold Sores, Toe Fungus, MRSA, Staph, Listeria, Salmonella and many more. This light also can kill mold and fungi. A multi function tool that should be in every home. More applications….thin skin bruising, gout, sprains, tears, bursitis, carpel tunnel, arthritis, wrestlers ringworm,

4 reviews for Blue And Red Light Therapy

  1. Pete

    I can’t believe it…my gout was terrible and within one day the pain was gone. Now my wife is using it on her back. Thanks, Pete

  2. Jerry

    I play golf a couple times per week. I have bursitis in my arms so bad I can’t lift my arms over my shoulders. Within 3 days I am able to lift my arms above my shoulders and it’s getting better everyday. Golf is now less painful. Jerry 76 Years Old

  3. Linda

    I fell off a ladder and tore my knee apart. I had to go into surgery the same day. The scar from the surgery was terrible. Within 8 weeks you can hardly see it anymore and the pain is gone and I am back walking everyday again. Linda 72 years old

  4. Gary

    I hate fever blisters and I get them about 4-6 times per year. I live in the sunshine state so I sometimes get them from being out in the sun. Now when I feel the tingle I put the light on the spot and the next day the tingle is gone and no more fever blister. That is worth its weight in gold to me.
    Gary Florida

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