EMS Patient Compartment Disinfection
EMS Ambulance Disineffecting
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EMS Ambulance Package



  • This package contains (4) of our 7” Round Blue Lights at 23W each for the patient compartment.
  • (2) of our 4” Round Blue Lights at 17W for the Cab.


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EMS Patient Compartment Disinfection
EMS Patient Compartment Disinfection

EMS Ambulance Cleaning Package. This package works perfect for a standard ambulance. It contains (4) of our 7″ 23W  easy to install ceiling mount round Bacteria Killing lights for the patient compartment. A full 94W of Blue Bacteria Killing power that will flood the patient compartment with Blue Bacteria Killing Light to eradicate any bacteria that gets in it’s way. A SAFE  and affordable way to keep your First Responders Healthy.

The More Blue Light The More Places It Can Hit And Kill Bacteria

Our object was to flood this area with proven Blue Bacteria Killing light. The more light we can put in your area and have it bounce around the better chance we have at killing more bacteria. Number one it has been proven to kill MRSA. Where ever the wavelength hits it is eradicating  MRSA and other terrible bacteria that can affect the First Responders and Patients who enter this area.

Patient Compartment Ambulance Disinfection
Patient Compartment Ambulance Disinfection

Add An Extra Layer Of Protection

This is an additional cleaning product that works whenever the light is on and takes no man power. It is safe for personnel to go in an out of the unit with the light on. It is not to be used as area lighting. The blue light does not provide enough lumen count or brightness to work in the area.

As one EMS worker said “We know it kills bacteria why wouldn’t we leave it on whenever we have it hooked up to shore power. It only uses 126W of electric and works while we are waiting for the next call, I feel much safer with these lights killing all this bacteria.”





Ambulance Cab Disinfection
Ambulance Cab Disinfection

True Clean Cab Concept Means Disinfecting The Unforeseen Bacteria In The Cab

Also included are (2) of our 4″ 17W Round ceiling mount bacteria killing lights to rid your cab of any MRSA and other bacteria that is brought in on the clothes and shoes of your First Responders. Test have found all kinds of bacteria in the cabs of the ambulances and fire trucks. This provides an easy way to help keep that part of your vehicle clean and free of bad bacteria.







Ambulance Bacteria Killing Cab Lights
Ambulance Bacteria Killing Cab Lights

MRSA Has Been Found On Steering Wheel, Door Knobs, Seats, Brake Pedals and More

(2) of our 4” Round Blue Lights at 17W for the Cab.

Firemen tell us that the cab is the dirtiest place. Test have found MRSA on the brake pedals, steering wheels, door knobs, radio dials, seat and more. Having a bacteria killing light in the cab makes the most sense in protecting our First Responsder people.




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