Hand held sanitizer
Hand held sanitizer
hand held uvc
hand held phone
Hand Held Cell Phone Sanitizing
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Hand Held UVC Sanitizer

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Pocket Sanitizer…Kills Bacteria and Viruses on the go. Take it with you to the grocery, bathroom, restaurants and make sure what you are touching is clean and free of bacteria and viruses.

Pocket Sanitizer
Pocket Sanitizer

Don’t Throw Your Mask Away….Sanitize Them and Use Again…Save Money. Only takes a few minutes.

Sanitize Mask
Sanitize Mask

Did you know your Cell Phone has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat….Sanitize it to stay safe from all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Phone Sanitize
Phone Sanitize

Pocket Sanitizer……An easy way to kill bacteria and viruses on your phones, key chains, menus, toilets, cars, car doors, food,  silverware, keyboards, counters, groceries, mask cleaning and more. Easy to use and it comes with a feature that turns the UVC light OFF if you turn the unit face up. This is very important because UVC light can burn your skin and eyes. Do not look into any kind of UVC light.

The Pocket Sanitizer UV-C light sterilizer provides effective protection from germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and mold throughout your home. Use it often on surfaces throughout your home to disinfect, in addition to regular cleaning of bedding, counters, phones, computers, floors, and other surfaces, this wand will keep your home germ safe without the risk of chemical contamination.

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Hand Held UVC Sanitizer

JULY Special ONLY $45.00

Keep Your Family Safe From Bacteria and Viruses

Hand held sanitizer
Hand held sanitizer

Pocket Sanitizer…Keep you family Safe from Bacteria and Viruses.

Don’t Throw Your Mask Away…Sanitize and Use Again….Save Money

Bacteria and Viruses Are Not Going Away….Inexpensive Way To Stay Safe

Product Description:
1. Use ultraviolet light to remove bacteria and viruses.
2. Maintain cleanliness in room, closet, kitchen, laundry, office and while your on the go.
3. Lightweight clam shell design saves space and can be sterilized at anytime. Keep it in your pocket for quick use.
4. Simple operation, just press the switch button to sterilize.
5. Built-in automatic safety switch. When the lamp tube of the germicidal stick is facing upwards in the working state, the UV lamp is automatically turned off. To Restore to the working state, just rotate the lamp of the germicidal stick to face down.
7. Powered by USB connection (cannot be charged), it can be also powered by 4 AAA batteries.
8. Suitable for home, office business trips, outings, travel, easy to carry and use.

Quick Details

Warranty(Year):   1-year

Luminous Efficacy(lm/w): 100

Rated Power:  3w

Voltage: 110V, 110V

Clear Quartz Glass

Input voltage: DC5V

Size: L5″ x W 1 3/8″ H 1″

Material: ABS UV wavelength: UV-C 253.7nmProduct weight: 65g

Voltage: USB: 5V

Current: 400mA / 4 AAA batteries: 6V Current: 450mA

UV-C tube: 2W

Irradiation intensity: more than 2500uw / cm2.

Battery: 4x AAA / 6V (excluding battery)



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