UFO Food Grade Bacteria Killing Light
UFO Food Light
UFO food grade bacteria killing light
UFO Food Light
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High Bay LED 200W Bacteria Killing Light NSF


Patent Pending NSF Food Grade 200W Bacteria Killing Light. Great for killing bacteria in larger areas.  With 200W of power this will help keep cart corrals in grocery stores or any kind of retail store clean and safe.

Easy to install. Hang from ceiling and start killing bacteria. Works with existing area lighting and still disinfects the area. 200W, 120-277V, NSF Certifies.

Food Grade LED Lighting
Food Grade LED Blue Bacteria Lighting


 High Bay LED 200W Bacteria Killing Light NSF

This is a High Bay 200W Bacteria Killing light NSF that will work in Food Manufacturing plants that have issues with Listeria and Salmonella.

This is patent pending NSF Food Grade bacteria killing light fixture. Because it is 200W this light is great for large work areas. Food stores can use these above their cart corrals, in the meat department, in the meat freezers with no issues because they are NSF Food Grade certified.

Large food manufacturing plants are using these to control salmonella and listeria. Turn these on along with your area lighting and let them disinfect all day long. These units are safe for humans and animals.



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