Bacteria Blue T8 Tubes
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LED Bacteria Blue Disinfecting T8 Tubes


Easy to use 120-220V AC,LED Bacteria Blue Disinfecting  tubes that are Ballast Compatible. Easy to install in existing Fluorescent Tube Fixtures. Replace your existing fluorescent tubes with these and not only get awesome area lighting but bacteria disinfecting all at the same time.  48″ Long, AC 120-240, 50,000 Hours lifespan, two year warranty.

LED Blue Tube Bacteria Killing
Blue and White Bacteria Killing Tubes

46 in stock



Bacteria Blue T8 Tubes

Easy to install LED Bacteria Blue Light Disinfecting tubes are ballast compatible. Only takes minutes to install. They contain 22W of our special bacteria blue disinfecting light. Add our Bacteria Blue disinfecting lights to your standard cleaning operation. They are safe to turn on during the day and will not hurt humans or animals.  Excellent results using them for killing kennel cough at large Kennel company that supplies dogs to war vets. Excellent results in gyms, equine barns killing C-Dif and more. Add these easily to your standard cleaning methods. They work 24/7 and last 50,000 hours.

Large Kennel that trains dogs for Veterans uses our LED Bacteria Blue tubes and their dogs are getting better 93% faster than they use to before they installed the tubes.

They are also using the Hand Held blue and red unit to treat pain, wounds, strains and more to keep the animals healthy.

Minimum Of 4 Tube Order.

Call for Carton Pricing (25)


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