HVAC Sterilization Lamp
HVAC Sterilization Lamp
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UVC Sterilization Light Last 60,000 Hours


60,000 Hour Sterilization Lighting for HVAC

High Power 300W of Induction UVC lighting that kills 99% of all Viruses and Bacteria. This light last 7.5X longer than any other UVC light on the market. Dont’ waste your money on UVC lights that only last one year.

UVC Sterilizer HVAC
UVC Sterilizer HVAC


  1. No external quartz tube in the water, the bactericidal effect can reach at 99.99% 2.Lifespan: 60000hrs
  2. UVC intensity:1300uw/cm2 in 1m
  3. Warranty: 3 years
  4. Working temperature: -20~80℃
  5. Start-up time: 99s, no need to warm-up; the lamp can turn on/ off for millions time
  6. 1 piece 300W lamp can disinfect 50-100㎡in 15min
  7. Can handle air/water treatment(air/water purification, deodorization, sterilization)
  8. Separated ballast with excellent heat dissipation
  9. 50% saving on lighting energy cost
  10. Lower ownership cost / initial cost

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UVC Sterilization Light Last 60,000 Hours

HVAC Sterilization Lamp
HVAC Sterilization Lamp


Induction UVC Sterilization Lighting kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses. Keep your area clean with this high power 200V UVC light. Perfect for HVAC, air conditioning systems, cold storage, swimming pools, tap water plants, spray paint factory, industry, cooling towers, offices, warehouses and many more.




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