cold sore on mouth
cold sore on mouth

I have been getting cold sores, fever blisters or sun blisters for a long time. I get them on my lips and even in my nose sometimes. I personally hate them as they usually last at least 2 weeks. The red and blue therapy hand held light has been a blessing.

Now when I feel the tingling of the blister coming I put the light on it a few times per day for a few minutes at a time. In most cases the blister goes away. In the worst case in the last year it came on but only like a sharp pencil dot and that’s all. It only last a few days and does not turn into a blistering, scabby mess. I would recommend this to anyone who gets fever blisters.

No More Weeks Of  A Blistering Lip Cracking Mess

Cold Sore Relief Customer