Wound Care

I am 72 year old and fell off a stool. I hit my knee cap and it came off the knee. The pain was terrible. After the surgery I put the red and blue light therapy wand on the scar on my leg. I used it several times per day. After 4 weeks the doctor said he could not believe how fast the scar was healing. He said I was healing like a 20 year old patient. The pain is pretty much gone and I am way ahead of schedule. This is the perfect tool for any kind of wound care. My scar healed up so fast I couldn’t believe it.

Wound Care Scar
First week scar picture
Wound Care Scar Relief
Wound Care Scar Heal after 8 weeks.

Doctor said I healed like a 20 year old.

Wound Care Scar
Wound Care Customer